Cairo Seminars and Conferences (CSC), established in 1998, provides administrative support services to organizations in handling their events, whether small or large scale i.e. annual meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, product launchings, retreats..etc. In-house public relations departments, executive secretaries and personal assistants often handle the logistics of such events, however, more and more corporate companies and organizations move toward outsourcing these non-core services, which are often a time-consuming process.

CSC specializes also in meeting the training needs of organizations whether by conducting publicly announced workshops/seminars or providing tailored training to a specific organization. The instructors used are hands-on professionals working in their respective fields bringing both theory and practice into the seminars.

CSC’s administrative support services are designed to ensure that events are on budget, on time and delivered to the client’s expectations. Participants/guests take away positive memories and stronger affinity for our client’s organization when we manage the event.

73Satesfied Clients
201Successfully Organized Events
1650worked hours
18Years of experience

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